Bulkcash is a large amount of Softnyx Cash to resell to other Softnyx users.
You cannot play games and buy any in-game items with Bulkcash account.
Bulk Purchase and Cash Division
Step 1 Make a new Softnyx account for Bulk Cash purchase only.
You cannot buy Bulk Cash with the account that you have played with.
You also cannot play Softnyx games with the account that you have charged Bulk Cash with.
To receive Bulk Cash key correctly, check your e-mail address in "Update My Info".
Step 2 There are 3 ways of Bulk Cash purchase ; SmartePin, Moneybookers, and Playspan.
SmartePin(UAE only) : You can charge Bulk Cash easily by typing simple ePin code.
Moneybookers : Bulk Cash will be charged to your account as soon as you make a payment with your credit card and e-wallet.
Playspan : It will take 2-14 days to charge Bulk Cash to your account depending on your payment method.
Step 3 After your Bulk Cash is charged, Bulk Cash key will be sent to your e-mail. Bulk Cash key is provided to you at the first purchase only. You can resell your Bulk Cash to other users on "Cash Transfer" by entering user ID, Bulk Cash key, and Softnyx Cash amount.
CAUTION * You cannot create the account for Bulk Cash
1. if you have ever played with your account.
2. if Softnyx Cash remains in your account.

* Bulk Cash is not refunded.