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Softnyx Cash can be purchased and used throughout all games serviced by Softnyx.
Softnyx Cash can be spent on unique items to enhance your game-play experience.

1. Please visit to find retail stores near you.

2. If you have purchased a "PREPAID CARD", please proceed to step4.
If you have purchsed an "epay voucher", please proceed to step 3.

3. Go to : to redeem Softnyx Cash.
You will be given a Serial Number and Security Code after the redemption process.

4. Go to Softnyx billing page : Click "ePIN" on CASH CHARGE page.

5. Select "epay" on ePIN (PREPAID CARD) page.

6. Enter the Security Code and Serial Number, and click "SUBMIT".

7. You will be able to check your transaction in CHARGE HISTORY page.