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Softnyx Cash can be purchased and used throughout all games serviced by Softnyx.
Softnyx Cash can be spent on unique items to enhance your game-play experience.

1. You need VTC account before you purchase Softnyx Cash via VTC.

2. Make sure you have enough balance in your VTC account.

3. If your balance was not enough, please top up VTC point first.
Click HERE to know how to top up VTC point.

4. You can purchase Softnyx ePin code on "Mua ma The" menu under "Thanh Toan" tap.
And then, choose the option "Thanh Toan".

5. Select value and Quality Softnyx Cash you want and click "Thanh Toan".

6. After payment, you will receive code "ODP" by sms Mobile

7. Go to Softnyx billing page at and click "ePIN(PREPAID CARD)".

8. Enter the Security Code and Serial Number, and click "SUBMIT"

9. You can check your successful transaction in CHARGE HISTORY page.